Rise and Shine

Having a sad relation is like living with some disease..which is slowing eating you up.  will you actualy love that diseas3 and keep hanging or will you decide to kill it to protect ourself. Ofcourse we will kill it. Then why do we hold on to all toxic people in our life. Why cant we just understand that their presence adds no value to ur existence infacts it harms u in some way. A moment when u didnt smile a moment when u wait is a moment lost forever. Arent we not losing life with each going moment. 

And we often think that the person is not doing anythng to harm me that i should be angry or disapointed. But the fact being..is he doing anything to make u feel special. In the past what he has been is not a reflections of ur present or future. Why do u feel so weak to not to take ur stand.? Why do feel theres no world beyond him. Arent u the once who thought about ruling this world with ur beautiful tiara or did u dream about leaning down to a man who would keep u on ur toes and ur head always bended. Did u dream about days when u will say. ‘To all my countrymen’ or did u dream aBout saying ‘my majesty’. Do u realy doubt yourself about what all u can achieve. If u r such a strong women then why r u compelled today to become so weak. A single person who is making u weak id actualy working on himself, building his empire. Instead of building ur own all u r doing is puting bricks in his empire. Lady add another feather to ur hat…coz the world will see you By success but not with how successful Guy u marry. I have learned somethng by far that is the world will praise u either u r beautiful or successful. Being beautiful is not our hands but success is was u can achieve. Once u become somethng…remember these men will bow down to u. I am not asking u to be high headed but i m asking you to be a individual….a self…..make ur existence matter. When u read this think hard. Harder than u usualy do when u read articles. And think about ur capabilty ur achievements ur dreams and ur desires. If u r born to be a hero then stop right now being ordinary. Rise up and shine!


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